Egyptian Arabic Step-by-Step (Beginner)

Have you always wanted to learn Egyptian Arabic?

Have you always wanted to learn Egyptian Arabic? Now you can learn the most widely understood Arabic dialect the fun, easy way in our new Beginner’s Level online course. This online course is designed for students who know little or no Egyptian Arabic or those who need a refresher in this Arabic dialect. You will learn how to greet someone, how to say your name and introduce yourself, how to tell someone your nationality and profession, how to count from 1-100, how to tell someone the time, how to tell someone when your birthday is and your zodiac sign, and so much more. After completing this Beginner’s Level online course, you will have a solid foundation and be able to have simple conversations in Egyptian Arabic. Additionally, you’ll be speaking Egyptian Arabic after just a few lessons!


Egyptian Arabic Step-by-Step (Intermediate)

Are you looking to improve your Egyptian Arabic? Have you got the basics down, but now it’s time to take your skills to a new level? Then, this Intermediate Level online course is the one for you! It is recommended that students who take this online course have either taken our Beginner’s Level online course or know some basic Egyptian Arabic already. You’ll learn many important verbs in different tenses and many adjectives, adverbs and the main Egyptian Arabic grammar. You’ll also be able to explain what your hobbies are, what you eat and drink and what your profession is. Additionally, you will learn more than 120 very useful sentences.

There are some books on the market that teach you some basic Egyptian Arabic, but do you really want to study from boring books? Most people learn best when learning from videos. Learning should be fun and easy. Since you don’t need to buy additional materials, like textbooks, CDs, Mp3s or anything else, these online courses are a very affordable opportunity to learn Egyptian Arabic. Besides, there are also no traveling costs or any other costs. Buy this course now and start learning Egyptian Arabic.


Egyptian Arabic Step-by-Step (Advanced)

This Advanced Level online course is for intermediate learners who are able to speak with a fair degree of fluency in Egyptian Arabic. This online course aims at developing oral communication skills by presenting daily life situations through dialogue that a foreigner living in Egypt is likely to encounter while doing the following activities: buying vegetables, fruits, poultry and meat; asking for medicine in a pharmacy; taking a taxi, mini-bus or ferry; ordering food in a restaurant; buying items in a store; visiting a physician and a dentist; having a conversation with different people in the check-in area and gate at an airport. When you speak Egyptian Arabic to Egyptian People, you’ll signal them that you appreciate them and respect their culture. Then you’ll be in a great position to enjoy the friendly, outgoing nature of most Egyptians, because you are interacting with them in an open, friendly, interested way. You don’t have to fly to Egypt to learn the Arabic dialect spoken there. You can learn Egyptian Arabic from the comfort of your own home. You can study Egyptian Arabic and balance your work and family commitments with your education. Don’t wait any longer! Start your online course now, and take your Egyptian Arabic to the next level!


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