Frequently asked questions (English)

All of our products are digital and non-refundable; therefore, all sales are final. Before making any purchase, please consider how you will use our products and be certain of your decision to purchase. Previews of each product are available for your review before purchasing.

Language Courses: Our language courses come with a selection of preview lessons to help you assess the course’s content and teaching approach. You can access these preview lessons to get a feel for the course structure and the instructor’s teaching style. To access the course lessons preview, click on the lessons that have a tick behind it.

Documentary: The trailer offers a brief overview of the documentary’s subject matter, style, and highlights. Watching the trailer will help you decide if the documentary aligns with your interests.

Ebook: Before purchasing an ebook, please read the excerpts available for preview. These excerpts provide a sample of the writing style and content, helping you determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Audiobook: For audiobook enthusiasts, we offer audio excerpts to give you a sense of the audiobook’s narration and content. You can listen to these audio clips to evaluate the narrator’s voice and the overall listening experience.

We use the ‘CopeCart’ payment system (with PayPal, Visa and wire transfer options). After payment, you’ll receive an itemized bill. Don’t forget to apply any discount coupons at checkout. Make sure your email is correct; it’s our main communication channel. You’ll get your invoice and product access details there. For questions or issues, our support team [] is ready to assist you. We operate during regular business hours, from Monday to Friday.

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive instructions on how to access your products, typically within 24 hours on weekdays (Monday to Friday).
When accessing our products, it’s essential to use compatible devices for an optimal experience. For instance, we recommend watching documentaries on your PC for superior visual and sound quality via PC speakers. Online courses can be conveniently accessed on your phone or tablet. For longer ebooks, we recommend using a PC or tablet as it makes it easier to zoom in and read text compared to a smaller phone screen. However, for shorter ebooks, using your phone is suitable.

Whether you’re watching a documentary, accessing an online course, or reading an ebook, you will receive your login details within 24 hours, complete with step-by-step instructions.

For questions or issues, our support team [] is ready to assist you.
We operate during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday, Central European Time (UTC+1). Emails sent over the weekend will be answered on Monday.

Please be very careful when you use WiFi from a Hotspot, eg. Airport, Hotel, Restaurant, since these these have no security and hackers can easily obtain your credit card info or sensitive personal info.

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